about carrie

Carrie Norin is an educator, artist, and trained evolutionary biologist. She holds a PhD in Ecology & Evolution from Rutgers University and a BS in Environmental Studies from The George Washington University. Carrie has taught evolutionary biology, genetics, and ecology at the university and high school levels. She built and directed the first student-led research program at Princeton Day School, Princeton, NJ.

As a Peace Corps volunteer in Samoa, she created an interdisciplinary curriculum investigating the biology of local flora found in traditional Samoan design and culture. Carrie is interested in developing curriculum on the ecology, evolutionary biology, and genetics of endangered mountain gorillas. She plans to partner with international conservation organizations to increase student outreach and improve citizen science programs.

Science and nature also inspire Carrie’s artwork. Her digital micrographs explore microscopic structures within plant cells, highlighting important evolutionary adaptations while revealing a hidden beauty invisible to the naked eye. Her work has been exhibited in galleries and corporate spaces, and was published in Scientific American.

In 2020, Carrie launched matte porcelain design, a jewelry company born from an appreciation for modern organic style rooted in a philosophy of slow and sustainable fashion. Her aesthetic is influenced by science, balancing the clean lines of modern geometry with the organic imperfection of nature.

Carrie lives in Morris County, NJ and is married with three boys. The family loves being outside, hiking, climbing, and exploring.